Musical instruments 3D scanning services

We are able to scan any type of musical instrument, modern or vintage: violins, guitar bodies, guitar necks, violins or any other related accessory. Thanks to 3D scanning your items can be re-designed easily or reproduced by using a CNC milling machineor 3D printer. As you can see below, we have scanned the body of a Fender Stratocaster.

Fender stratocaster reverse
Fender stratocaster reverse engineering

In order to do that we used our structured white light 3D scanner; in less than 30 minutes we have scanned and processed a watertight STL model ideal for the next stage: the cad-redesign from scan data. If you need to scan parts of musical instruments please provide us some photos of your item. Quickly, we will email you the price and the lead time as well.

Fender strato final result
Fender strato final result | Rendering

Mouthpiece CAD re-design from scan data
Saxophone | Mouthpiece CAD re-design from scan data

Violin belly 3D scanning
Violin belly 3D scanning

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