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Updated: Feb 3, 2019


3d scanner price in the UK

In the last years, the average cost of 3D scanners prices using non-contact technology (better known as structured light) is definitely lower if compared with the past. This depends on many factors, but the most important is the quality of hardware used to build the optical measurement system.

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Hardware components like machine vision cameras, lens, and others are essential to perform professional measurements. But what plays a key role in the whole process is the control software of the 3D scanner: when you have to manage a very dense point clouds like a car bodywork, the 3D scanner control software must always be able to move, align and rotate a very large amount of scan data, if possible in any condition, by using both point clouds or polygonal meshes. It doesn't matter if you have a 10 megapixel 3D scanner: a bad and unstable control software will always give you a rough scan data with holes, noise and missed alignments. If you're looking for a 3D scanner in order to acquire mechanical components (moulds, punch and precision parts) the dimensional accuracy will be the first factor you have to take into consideration. Finally, if you have to digitize coins, rings and engravings, you will also need the best resolution to achieve even the smallest details.

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Our 3D scanners product line will give always you the highest performance in any ambient conditions; the HDI Advance 3D scanner can be used in all manufacturing fields like industrial design, mechanics, eyewear and footwear industry, fashion, archaeology, heritage, biomedical industry and many others. The cost of HDI Advance depends on the machine camera resolution and also on the lens quality: let us know what is your main aim and we will give you our best and all inclusive quote. We also need to know which resolution you want to get, what is the needed dimensional accuracy and, finally, the exact size of the items you intend to acquire. Definitely, in order to prepare the best quote for you, we need to know firstly which is your industry and finally the accuracy/resolution factor you want to get.

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If you have a limited budget we can also prepare for you a bespoke 3D scanner based on professional-grade hardware. Anyway, in order to 3D scan small objects and precision components you should actually use a professional white 3D scanner like the HDI Advance that offers a dimensional accuracy <20µm per single scan. There are a number of key factors that influence the price of a 3D scanner. When looking to purchase a 3D scanning system, it is important to determine your requirements to figure out which hardware would be best suited for your needs and your budget.

Dimensional accuracy

Accuracy is the quality of being close to the true value of the object. High accuracy is appealing although it is the single largest factor influencing price. You should go with the lowest accuracy you can tolerate as that will generally minimize how much you spend on a 3D scanner.

Dimensional accuracy


The resolution measures the amount of detail you want to acquire from the object you are scanning. Similar to accuracy, the amount of resolution you need will have a direct impact on the price of the 3D scanner. Higher resolution scanners that capture more detail will generally cost more.

Scanning time

Scan speed is how fast a scanner is able to capture all the information from the physical environment to generate a 3D scan. For scanning human faces and body you will require the scanning speed to be faster than scanning a static object since humans have a tendency to move. Normally the faster scan speed is associated with a higher price.


Most 3D scanners are optimized to scan at a particular scanning window or object size ranging from approximately a few inches to two feet. The further you deviate from this size, the higher the price the 3D scanner will likely be.

Scanning environment

Most 3D scanners work well in an office lighting environment. If you require to scan in more challenging environments such as outdoors or in a moving vehicle, that will increase the cost of a 3D scanner.

Integrated solution

3D scanners that are dedicated in scanning a specific subject matter (ie. dental scanner, body scanner) require a level of integration with related applications and workflows to make sure the scanner serves that particular purpose. As a result, dedicated 3D scanners usually cost more when compared with standard 3D scanners.


Sometimes you might need special features/accessories that are not included in a standard system like colour texture capture, a rotary table for automated 3D scanning, or integration with a particular application. Most 3D scanners have the ability to include these additional features/accessories but extra costs would be involved. While it is easy to get caught up with wanting a top-of-the line 3D scanner with a high price tag, you need to consider what your specific needs are and what budget you have to work with for this purchase. Hopefully these factors will get you started on figuring out what you need out of a 3D scanner before making the final purchasing decision. Our team composed a list of questions you should ask yourself when purchasing a 3D scanner. These questions are available in our white paper on Choosing the Right 3D scanner to Make Your Project a Success.

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Peel 3d is professional-grade handheld 3D scanning in its purest form. It has no useless gadgets to make it seem more interesting or appealing. It simply lets you make high-quality 3D scans of small or large objects while keeping your project on a budget. For £ 4,900 + Vat you can get a Professional-grade 3D scanning system ideal to 3d scan a wide range of items.

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