3D restoration for cultural heritage

Thanks to decades of experience in the field of scanning and 3D modelling, applied to industry and design, we offer 3D scanning specially dedicated to arts and archaeology of Cultural and Environmental Heritage. ThinkScan Solutions adds a new dimension in the study and discovery of art offering the possibility to create digital replicas of valuable museum pieces.

Wooden carved STL model
Wooden carved STL model

Consciously that working on artifacts of great importance for the community, even in precious materials, is important, we are constantly updating the technology and the intervention methods. This has led to important results: in fact, thanks to our hardware & software equipment, we are able to design specific box and containers ideal for the shipping of statues and large items.

Greek Philosopher Socrates Bust| STL file scanned using a fringe projection 3D scanner
Greek Philosopher Socrates Bust | STL file scanned using our fringe projection 3D scanner

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