3D scanning system for biomedical industry

Our non-contact 3D scanners can help doctors and researchers to manage a wide range of medical applications such asorthopedic orthotics, and cosmetics surgery. The wide range of these optical systems offers the opportunity to handle a large type of tasks, according to your own needs.

Face 3D scanning

If compared to a 3D laser scanner, our white light technology is not invasive therefore is possible to acquire the human face keeping eyes open. The Scan time is excellent: the HDI Advance 3D scanner performs a single scan within 1 second.

3D scanning for the orthopedic laboratory

We also offer a complete 3D scanning solution ideal for the orthopedic laboratory. This 3D scanning solution is based on the HDI Advance 3D scanner (fringe projection non-contact technology).

3d scanner for biomedical industry
3d scanner for biomedical industry

The HDI Advance 3D scanner is designed to capture high quality 3D digital models in minutes (ideal for face scanning). The HDI Advance is compatible with the most popular CAD CAM software: Delcam, SolidWorks, Rhinoceros, Pro/Engineer, Catia, Cimatron, Inventor etc.

  • Designed for a wide range of application fields

  • Foam for custom foot orthotics

  • Osteological 3D Scanning

  • Rhinoplasty, breast implants and aesthetic surgery

  • Design and re-design of prosthesis

  • 3D scanning of dental impressions and implants

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