3D Scanning services in UK

We provide a professional 3D scanning services for a wide range of shapes and items. Our expertise comes from more than 10 years of activity in the manufacturing markets: automotive, industrial design, footwear, mechanics, and heritage. We are able to capture a large variety of shapes, from 30 mm up to 100 meters.

Crocs shoe 3D scan
Crocs shoe 3D scan

We supply two types of 3D scanning services:

  • 3D digitizing of real parts only

  • 3D digitizing + CAD re-design

Our policy is simple: competence, rapidity, confidentiality at a competitive price.

High detailed 3D scanning service
High detailed 3D scanning service

How does the 3D scanning service work?

If you want to utilize our 3D scanning services first of all you must provide us the basic information such as:

  • Dimensions of your items and weight

  • Type of material and colour

  • Dimensional accuracy you want to get

  • An image of the item to be scanned

3D scanning services
3D scanning services

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