3D Scanning solution for automotive

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

The HDI Advance 3D scanner is a precise measurement system for automotive industry. The HDI Advance, combined with your CAD software (Catia, SolidWorks Creo, Siemens NX, Alias and Rhinoceros), offers the opportunity to make a professional reverse engineering starting from high-quality 3D scan data.

car bumper
car bumper

car bodywork
3D scan of car bodywork

The best way to 3D scan a variety of parts

  • Bonnet and car bumper digitizing

  • Fiberglass and carbon parts

  • Sheet metal stamping

The HDI 3D Scanner, used in combination with FlexScan3D Software, works as a solid and flexible tool for scanning components and assemblies of different shapes and sizes. The scanner captures 3D scans quickly and in high accuracy. Scanner settings (lens combinations and standoff distances) can be customised to suit the object for optimal scanning performance.

Key features

  • High speed and trasportability

  • Automatic best-fit alignment

  • Easy to learn and use

  • Photogrammetry automatic alignment

  • Flexible 3D scanning in One Package

  • Resolution: from 10 micron till 40 micron

  • Scan data export in STL, OBJ and PLY format

  • High dimensional accuracy

  • Suitable for inspection and quality control

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