3D Scanning solution for last makers

Our professional-grade 3d scanner are successfully used in the footwear industry in order to 3D scan a variety of shoes, lasts and accessories.

High quality, reliability & cost-effective

The HDI 3D Scanners are available in two different models depending on your 3D scanning needs. The systems deliver fast scan speed, high accuracy 3D scanning results, and great performance at a fraction of the cost of comparable 3D scanning systems.

3D Shoe last
3D Shoe last + rendering

Complete 3D scanning workflow with FlexScan3D software

  • Precalibrated system (does not require any calibration)

  • Compact, lightweight and easy to carry

  • Non-contact BLUE LED technology

  • Fast 3D scanning: around 300 millisecond per single scan

  • No USB/Firewire driver to install

  • High performance by using any computer (Desktop or Laptop)

  • Easy to use and learn

  • The Set-up requires less than 5 minutes

  • Useful for reverse engineering as well as inspection tasks

  • Multi-head 3D scanning

  • Cost-effective

Non-contact 3D scanning
Non-contact 3D scanning

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