Professional 3D scanning software for Windows X64 that powers the HDI 3D scanners  for fast scan data capture and advanced post-processing capabilities.

Do It All In FlexScan3D

FlexScan3D is all you need to be more efficient at 3D modeling:

  • Capture 3D scans

  • Clean up scan data using advanced
    post-processing capabilities

  • Merge 3D scans into a full digital 3D model

  • Deviation analysis provides mesh-to-mesh comparison to determine accuracy level and for benchmarking

3D Scanning Automated Features

Flexscan3D for Windows x64

Professional 3D Scanning software

FlexScan3D has many features to automate steps that were previously done manually. The streamlined workflow allows FlexScan3D to generate digital 3D models from physical objects faster so you can complete the scanning portion of your project in a shorter amount of time.

Powerful Integration With 3D Scanning Software SDK

FlexScan3D includes API library and scripting functions for developers. Customize automated 3D scanner controls and data processing tailored specifically for your applications. Having a SDK greatly reduce development time.

Technical Specifications

  • Scan Data alignment: Photogrammetry Markers, Geometry (Bestfit), Manual Alignments

  • Scan Data Export: STL, OBJ, FBX, ASC, PLY, Depth Map (Png, Dep) , Raw

  • Scan Data Analysis: Comparison Mesh-To-Mesh

  • Mesh Editing: Hole Filling, Boundary Healing, Mesh smoothing & Poly-Count Reduction

  • Co-ordinate System: Generation of Points, Planes & Vectors for exact positioning objects in space

  • Automation: Automatic USB Rotary Table, SDK

  • Texture Color: Yes

  • Calibration: Automatic wizard to calibrate the HDI 3D Scanners in minutes

  • Photogrammetry Support: Yes

  • Watertight Mesh Generation: Yes

  • Multilanguage: English, Italiano,

  • Deutsch, Français & Chinese

  • Operating System: .Windows 10, 7, 8 X64

  • License Type: USB Dongle or Node Lock

  • Supported 3D Scanners: HDI Advance, HDI Compact, LMI Gogator

  • Connections: USB 3.0 compatible, gigabit

  • Array Support: Possibility to set up multiple HDI 3D Scanners