Our blue and white light scanning systems allow us to digitize crisp detail on the smallest features. Our 3D scan data can be used for a wide range of applications:  CNC machining, 3D printing, archiving, rendering and 3D animation

  • Some of the 3D services we provide:

    • Professional 3d scanning service
    • 3D scan data editing and healing
    • CAD redesign from scan data
    • Photorealistic rendering
    • Digitizing of small, and large size parts
    • 3D scan of foundry models
    • Fancy goods 3D scanning
    • 3D scan of funerary art
    • 3D scan of furnishing
    • 3D scan of religious sculpture
  • shiny dragon

Watertight 3D scan data

We can save the data as Stl, Obj, Step, Iges, Rhinoceros 3dm and many other

moses sculpture
moses face
moses feet
venus de milo 3d scan
venus de milo detail
venus de milo statue
chinese bowl
3d ornament
wooden frame
furniture ornament
column base
wooden ornament
3d lion

Museums and cultural heritage 3D scan

The Death of Nelson at Trafalgar, bass relief

solidthinking evolvees

3D bust of Socrates

wooden mirror frame

Wooden mirror frame

silver angel 3d

Silver sculpture

Resolution & fine details

wooden engraving

Wood carved Ornament

wooden ornament detail

3D scan data

engraving vase

Hand Engraved Silver Bowl

engraving details

3D scan data

glass 3d scanning

Engraved glass Bottle

glass fine detail

3D scan data