Professional 3D scanning services

On-site 3D digitizing

Send the parts to us, or, alternatively, we will come to you. Our 3D scanners are portables allowing our technicians to travel to remote locations to digitizing parts that are too large or heavy to ship. We can handle any type of shape; mechanical o freeform, from 10 mm up to 5 meters.

3D scanning services ideal for manufacturing industry

We are expert in 3D scanning, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping; our team is able to convert scan data into B-Rep solid models; take a look at our 3D gallery in order to verify the quality we can offer you. Below, you can also check further examples we made.

Industrial examples          Artistic examples

3d scanning services

3d motorcycle bracket

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Reverse engineering and Inspection

We're specialized to create a watertight CAD solid from scan data. We are able to redesign your scan data using analytics or freeform surfaces; in particular we can offer the following services:

geomagic design x reverse


  • Mechanics, mouldings and precision-machined components
  • Automotive industry, sheet metals and aerospace components
  • Art, design, digital mockup, clay modelsl, sculptures, engravings and carving
  • Archeology, cultural heritage and historical artefacts
  • 3D body scanning and medical devices

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reverse engineering services

artistic 3d scanning services

 What we do

  • Polygons editing and mesh restoration
  • Cross sections extraction
  • Class-A Nurbs surfacing
  • Watertight 3D Solid Modeling
  • Dimensional reports
  • Deformation analysis
  • Restoration of broken parts
  • Professional advice for manufacturing industry

3d car seat

Herebelow a list of CAD formats we can provide: STEP, IGES, PARASOLID, CATIA, rhinoceros and SOLIDWORKS.

automotive 3d scanning services

3d bottle reverse engineering

3D restoration of vintage automotive and motorcycle parts

We also provide a professional 3D scanning service of vintage parts like motorcycle saddle, motorcycle fairing, tanks, and engine parts.

geomagic design X for reverse engineering


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