3D scanning services

We provide a complete 3D scanning service by using professional non-contact 3D Scanners. Thanks to the accuracy and reliability of our measurement systems, we're able to digitize small and large parts, from 30 mm up to 100 metres. We also offer a wide range of surveying services such as area calculations, photographic surveys and industrial photogrammetry.

Mechanics & precision parts

We can 3D scan cast parts, foundry models, prototypes and small precision tools

3D scan data | STL file
engine block maserati
Engine part
CAD re-design from scan data | STEP/ IGES
engine block maserati reverse
CAD conversion
ducati engine 3d scan
Motorbike crankcase
engine block maserati reverse
CAD conversion
sheet metal 3d scan
Sheet metal part
sheet metal reverse
CAD conversion
car alternator 3d scan
Car alternator 3D scan
alternator cover redesign
Plastic cover redesign from scan data

Industrial design

Thanks to our professional-grade 3D scanners we are able to provide you high quality 3D CAD models

3D scan data | STL file
engine block maserati
Cake mold
CAD re-design from scan data | STEP/ IGES
engine block maserati reverse
CAD conversion
engine block maserati
Guitar custom body
engine block maserati reverse
CAD conversion
engine block maserati
Hand shower
engine block maserati reverse
CAD conversion
nebulizer device 3d scan
Nebulizer machine 3D scan
nebulizer device reverse engineering
CAD conversion from scan data

Cultural Heritage & Art

We are able to 3D scan classical sculptures, furnishing, bas relief, engravings and fancy goods

3D scan data | STL file
3D bowl
Chinese vase
3D scan data | OBJ
engine block maserati reverse
art 3d scan
Handmade wood decor
lady 3d
Relief carving
silver plate alessi 3d
Silver tray
3d mirror frane
Wooden mirror frame
antique swan neck 3d scan
Antique swan neck 3D scan
swan neck reverse engineering
CAD redesign from scan data

Indonesian bronze sculpture

Footwear & accessories

We can 3D scan cast parts, foundry models

3D scan data | STL file
shoe last 3d scanning
Shoe last
CAD re-design from scan data | STEP/ IGES
shoe last 3d reverse
CAD conversion
shoe last 3d scanning
Shoe last
reverse engineering shoe last
CAD conversion
shoe cap
Toe cap
cad redesign shoe
CAD conversion
timberland boot 3d scan
Timberlan boot 3D scan
cad redesign shoed redesign
Sole redesign from scan data

Science & medical applications

Dental impressions, small speciments, bones and medical device CAD re-design

3D scan data | STL file
feline skull
Feline skull
3D scan data | OBJ
shell 3d scan
dental impression
Dental impression
Humerus 3d scanning
Humerus bone
scapula 3d scan
Scapula bone
human skull 3d
Human skull

Meteorite 3D scanning, high resolution texture

The Olsen/Enterprise meteorite is a nickel/iron trailing fragment from the meteorite that created Meteor Crater in Arizona. It weighs 3869 grams. The Olsen/Enterprise meteorite was acquired by Paul Olsen in 1978 whilst he was airbrushing the pearl surface of the Starship Enterprise for the first Star Trek movie: “Star Trek: the Motion Picture.” This meteorite will soon become famous by helping fund the recreation of the ‘lost’ Starship Enterprise from that landmark film by the team who created her in the first place. The meteorite is 4.55 billion years old...older than the Earth.

Many thanks to Paul Olsen: http://projectenterprise.space

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application fields
Cultural heritage & archaeology

Thanks to the Photogrammetry technology we are able to scan artworks, sculptures, ornamentsbas-relief and archaeological artifacts 


We can perform 3D scans of automotive items from 30 mm up to 5 metres: bumpers, bonnets, car doors, alloy wheels, tyres, fairings and much more

Footwear industry

Items such as shoe lasts, heels, mid or outer soles, moulds, toe caps and many other parts can be captured by using our non-contact 3D scanners


We utilize a cutting-edge 3D scanning technology that provides accurate and high-resolution data ideal for mechanical items and precision parts

Photo surveying

We provide 3D surveying services by using the photogrammetric technology; it's the best solution to digitize large items such as statues, buildings etc.

Industrial Design

We are able to create highly detailed digital 3D models of consumer products: thermoforming items, injection moulds and dies

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Our equipment

Blue light technology

blue light 3d scanner

Ideal for small items

Compact 3D Scanner for High-Precision
3D Modelling and Industrial applications



Ideal for very large items

Do you have a large item to scan?
We can generate 3D models from digital photos

White light technology

white light 3d scanner

Ideal to scan medium-sized items

All-in-one 3D scanner ideal for creating
hi-res 3D Models. From 15 mm up to 3 meters


3d printing service


High-precision 3D printer ideal to reproduce prototypes: ABS, polycarbonate & Petg 

breil 3d scanning
Breil watch 3D scan
breil 3d scanning reverse
CAD redesign & rendering