Professional 3D Scanning Services in UK

We provide a complete 3D scanning service by using professional non-contact 3D Scanners. Thanks to the accuracy and reliability of our measurement systems, we're able to digitize small and large parts, from 30 mm up to 100 metres.

Heritage & Arts

3D scanning for cultural heritage, sculpture, archaeology and architecture

Industrial Design & Automotive

3D scanning service for industrial design, automotive, footwear e eyewear


3D scanning service for mechanics, precision parts, heavy industry & moulds

What we do

Headquartered in London with office in Italy, ThinkScan Solutions Ltd provides a range of 3D technology services including:

  • Professional 3D Scanning
  • Reverse Engineering
  • 3D CAD modeling
  • Inspection & Quality check
  • Photogrammetric survey
  • On-site 3D Scanning
  • Rendering and 3D Animation
  • 3D Scanners Hire
We convert point clouds and STL mesh into a 3D CAD model. 
Our 3D scanning technology is available for the most important markets: automotive, industrial design, moulds, mechanics,cultural heritage, footwear and eyewear industry. We perform most of our 3D scanning at our facility but all of our equipment can be brought on location for the projects that can't be shipped.

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Our 3D Services | What we can do for you

Cultural Heritage

Thanks to the Photogrammetry technology we are able to scan artworks, sculptures, bas-reliefs, archaeological artefacts and buildings


We can perform 3D scans of automotive items from 30 mm up to 5 metres: bumpers, bonnets, car doors, alloy wheels, tyres, fairings and much more

Footwear industry

Items such as shoe lasts, heels, mid or outer soles, moulds, toe caps and many other parts can be captured by using our non-contact 3D scanners


We utilize a cutting-edge 3D scanning technology that provides accurate and high resolution data ideal for mechanical items and precision-parts

3D Scans from photos

We provide 3D surveying services by using the photogrammetric technology; it's the best solution to digitize large items such as statues, buildings etc.

Consumer products

We are able to create highly detailed digital 3D models of consumer products: thermoforming items, injection molds, glass bottles and ceramic items

Photographic surveying | Photogrammetry


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3D scanning technologies we use

We offer a wide range of 3D scanning systems ready to help you with your projects

 Blue light technology

Blue light technology

Ideal for small items

Compact 3D Scanner for Rapid, High-Precision 3D Modeling and Industrial Applications

 White light technology

White light technology

Ideal to scan medium-sized items

All-in-one 3D scanner ideal for creating high-density 3D Models. From 30mm up to 2 metres



Ideal for large items

Do you have a large item to scan? We can generate 3D models from digital photos

 Touch probe acquisition

Touch probe acquisition

Ideal for sheet metal and profiles

Is a portable measurment system designed to get 3D measures inside it’s workspace


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