3D courses

Wondering how you become a 3D CAD expert? We offer a variety of training for SolidWorks, Rhinoceros and Geomagic

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3D scanning services

ThinkScan Solutions is a premier provider of 3D scanning, reverse engineering and inspection services

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Redesign from Scan data

We provide a wide range of softwares ideal for Industrial design, reverse engineering and inspection as well

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Structured light 3D scanners

We supply professional White and Blue light 3D scanners that capture a digital 3D scan of a physical object in seconds

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High Resolution

With its high resolution stereo cameras, the HDI Advance 3D scanner offers a high degree of details ideal for small and large parts


Modular Scanning Areas

Thanks to 3 custom slots it's possible to acquire a wide range of mechanical and artistic items, from 10 mm up to 3 meters


Excellent Data Quality

The highly innovative 3D scanning sensor provides the "best in class" structured light technology for challenging tasks

3D Scanner Applications

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  • 3D Scanner for Eyewear market Design and innovation are the keywords to make innovative the eyewear market. Thanks to our
  • 3D Scanner for Art & Cultural heritage The HDI Advance 3D scanner has been designed to assist the leading manufactures
  • 3D Scanner for Fashion industry Unleash your creativity to redesign new shapes starting from collected scan data. Thanks to our
  • 3D Scanner for Automotive industry The HDI Advance 3D scanner is a precise measurement system ideal for automotive and motorcycle
  • 3D Scanner for Mechanics Our non-contact 3D scanners technology has been successfully used in the fields of mechanical engineering and
  • 3D Scanner for Footwear industry The HDI Advance 3D scanners adopts the structured light technology to capture soles, heels, moulds
  • 3D Scanner for Biomedical industry Our cutting edge 3D scanning technology helps doctors and researchers with many applications, including orthopedic,
  • 3D Scanner for Luthiery The HDI Advance 3D scanner is the right choice to perfectly produce the most important details

Our Exclusive Services

Reverse Engineering, Inspections & 3D Courses


SolidWorks Advanced Surfaces

SolidWorks course. Learn how to design and manage advanced surfaces in SolidWorks

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Rhinoceros 3D Courses

You will learn base and advanced 3D techniques to draw high quality surfaces

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Geomagic Products Training

Our Geomagic training offers a range of training options and to meet diverse needs

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Class-A Surfaces

Advanced CAD techniques to learn everything about Rhinoceros and Class-A modeling.

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Reverse engineering service. SCAN to CAD

We provide a complete 3D scanning service and CAD redesign from scan data

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3D Inspection service

3D scan can be very useful when it comes to comparing physical parts to nominal CAdDmodel

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  • We are using the HDI Advance Scanner almost every day, and having it here makes it a huge difference in timing. We compared the resolution and accuracy on 10 parts that we recently had scanned by a service company using a $300K white light scanning system and got identical results.

    Walter ZimbeckManager, Ceramic Micro Devices Group

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FlexScan New Version

06-November-2014 Hits:731

This notice is to inform you that version 3.3.2 of FlexScan3D has been released and is available now for download...

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Statues, maquette and fine…

06-November-2014 Hits:505

3D digitizing is a fantastic method to acquire objects into the computer using non-contact structured light techniques. Our 3D technology provides...

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06-November-2014 Hits:1565

Delivering Accurate And Repeatable Scanning Results The HDI 100 series of 3D scanners is the smallest advanced 3D scanning system using...

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3D scanner prices

06-November-2014 Hits:4676

In the last years the average cost of 3D scanners using non-contact technology (better known as structured light) is definitely...

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Custom Artisan Carpentry

06-November-2014 Hits:589

When Technology Meets Art Published in this page you can find a wide range of handmade furniture: the whole process has...

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3D Scanners for Woodworking

06-November-2014 Hits:503

Our 3D scanning technology allows woodworkers to leverage digital technology to increase their productivity and get more return on their...

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Rhinoceros 3D Viewer for…

06-November-2014 Hits:1394

View native Rhino 3DM files on your iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, and iPod Touch There is nothing like showing your designs...

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Automating the 3D scanning…

06-November-2014 Hits:489

One of the featured demonstrations in our booth was the HDI 120 3D scanner. The HDI 120 is the smallest...

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Compact 3D Scanning Solutions

06-November-2014 Hits:1449

Delivering Accurate Scanning Result The HDI 120 is a precalibrated scanner that creates digital 3D models from physical objects. HDI scanners are configured and...

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    We have more than 15 years of experience in the most important manufacturing fields: automotive, heavy industry, industrial design, footwear, mechanics and much more...
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    ThinkScan Solutions Ltd provides professional 3D measurement systems, software for reverse engineering and inspection. We are specialized in selling white light 3D optical scanners and CAD/CAM Software.
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    We sell 3D measurements systems available for the most important markets: automotive, industrial design, moulds, mechanics, medical, cultural heritage, footwear and eyeglasses industry. We also offer white light
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