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Fringe Projection 3D Scanners

Our 3D scanning services include a variety of short-range (< 5 metres) and long-range (from 5 up to to 100 metres) technologies.

3D scanning can be especially beneficial for:
  • Organic and complex free-form shapes
  • Precision-parts, impeller blades, Moulds etc.
3D Scanning Services | Portfolio

Advanced 3D Scanning Capabilities

Delivering High Quality 3D scanning

Send us the parts, or, alternatively, we will come to you. Our 3D scanners are portables, allowing our technicians to travel to remote locations and digitize parts that are too large or heavy to ship. We can handle any type of shape, mechanical or free-form as well.

  • Mechanics | 3D scanning of precision parts
  • Automotive | 3D scanning of bonnets, bumpers, frames etc.
  • Heritage | 3D scanning of statues, engravings and carving
  • Archeology | 3D scanning of historical artefacts

Fringe projection and Photogrammetric technology

  • Measuring high-precision parts
  • Non-contact 3D scanning
  • High-quality surfaces with color textures

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Digitizing & Scanning

3D Scanning Services Overview

  • High accuracy & high resolution 3D Scanning
  • CAD redesign from 3D Scan data to Iges, Step etc.
  • Professional 3D data conversion
  • 3D Scan of small & large parts (30 mm up to 3 mt)
  • On-site 3D scanning if required

Available 3D Scanning Technologies

  • White Light
  • Blue Light
  • Photogrammetry
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